Unique models are created with an ageless style that enhances the tradition

One model a month, limited edition available for pre-order only in that month.


Through the attentive hands of the master Eugenio, magic is created among paper, pencil lines, tools and precious materials. Jewels of antique flavor are then made, which recall past stories that continue to live in time Stories that we want to share with you, in order to bring you closer to the goldsmith art of Scanno.

Jewel of the month

Collana Bottoni

“I decided to create a jewel of traditional shapes that would resemble the buttons of the Scanno costume but with an innovative geometry and a particular attention to new trends”

  • Chain length 50cm
  • Pendant length 8cm
  • Necklace length 58cm
  • Central pendant length (1) 8cm
  • Middle pendants (2) 7cm
  • Lateral pendants (3) 6cm
  • Diameter 1.5cm


how the pre-order works

L’Angolo dell’Artigiano is a limited-edition item that is made on request. It may take between 10 and 15 working days from the order confirmation.

Jewels cannot be personalised. We want to offer a product that is entirely made by the master Eugenio. From the design to the material, every detail aims to reach the perfect result. We want to offer you a product created entirely from the inspiration of Maestro Eugenio.

From the design to the choice of materials, every detail is designed to achieve a unique result.

Payments can only be made online on the website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any issues. For any doubt or need you can contact us, we are at your complete disposal.