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  • Eugenio Di Rienzo Buckles

    Eugenio di Rienzo and his son Antonio created these precious buttons with sacred, floral, fantastic, and mythological subjects inspired by the austere feminine dress. The Grappe was made for men to clip together the hems of their cloak. The Grappe was made for men to clip together the hems of their cloak.

  • Alessio Di Rienzo “The Bourbon Influences”

    Alessio Di Rienzo continued the craftsmanship of the jewels that adorned the traditional costume of Scanno , also starting to make jewels with precious stones, taken from the Bourbon style.

  • Armando Di Rienzo “Amorino”

    In 1926 Comm. Armando Di Rienzo created ” the Amorino brooch-pendant ” as a token of love for his bride. A talisman full of spiritual strength that reinforces love and the will to live a happy life in marital communion for the spouses. It is made up of a crown, a symbol of nobility, and a cupid-the god of love- who, with his arrow, arouses the passion of love. The first models were coral red and turquoise.

  • The opening of the other workshop

    The goldsmith’s art of Scanno began with Armando and his son Nunziato In a workshop in Via Degli Alpini, ten young apprentices started to work under the supervision of the master Nunziato.

  • Amorino to New York

    In 1958, the jewel won an award at a world exhibition in New York and has since then become the emblem of Scanno’s modern goldsmith production.

    The model has been patented at L’Aquila’s Chamber of Commerce.

  • Florence gold medal

    On the 14th of May 1960, the old workshop took part in the 24th International Handicraft Exhibition in Florence, where it received the gold medal for creating the Spilla Premiata Firenze, which then became the workshop logo.

  • L’Aquila gold medal

    On the 31st of July 1960, the goldsmiths Di Rienzo received the golden medal of Fidelity to Work and Economic Development by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of L’Aquila.

  • The workshop’s anniversary

    On the 22nd of October 1961, the old workshop took part in the National Centennial Artisan Shops Meeting in Turin. The first 100 years of history, from a small-town workshop to artisan business, it is now recognized nationwide thanks to the many exhibitions in the main cities of Italy. Development of filigree processing techniques in, perforated, chiseled and embedded.

  • Florence Bracelet gold medal

    During the 28th International Handicraft Exhibition in Florence, Armando and his son Nunziato, on the 9 of May 1964, received a gold medal for creation of Florence Bracelet handmade jewel in Burnished Silver 800 ‰.

  • Rome Gold medal

    On March 9, 1971, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Rome awarded the Antica Oreficeria the Gold Medal for its production exhibited at the Rome Fair.

  • Grand Officer of the Italian Republic

    On the 2nd of June 1983, Armando Di Rienzo received the Grand Officer award from the Prime Minister. The Chancellor of the Order announced that Armando Di Rienzo was included in the National Grand Officers list at number 3996, series III.

  • Ercole D’Oro

    On the 1st of May 1989, in Rome, the International Academy of Economics and Sciences gave an award to Armando Di Rienzo for his remarkable artistic skills and his contribution to the progress and welfare of the country.

  • Nunziato Di Rienzo gold medal

    On the 23rd of July 1993, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of l’Aquila awarded the gold medal to the master Nunziato for preserving the Scanno’s goldsmith art through the creation of unique jewels.

  • The goldsmith’s shop in the 21st century

    With the artistic skill gained, Armando and Eugenio continued their great work by spreading the knowledge,beauty and value of the popular customs of Scanno both in Italy and abroad.

  • Scanno’s Key President Ciampi

    On May 17, 2001 for the conferral of honorary citizenship on the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi , the goldsmith Eugenio handcrafted the key to the city of Scanno in 18 ct yellow gold.

  • Pins to Pope Benedict XVI

    In 2010 the Master Goldsmith Eugenio had the honor of making the pins with precious stones to be pinned on the Pontifical Pallium of Pope Benedict XVI on the occasion of his coming to Sulmona for the celebration of the Celestinian Jubilee Year.

  • 150 years of National Unity

    On the 17th of March 2011, the award-winning workshop was chosen by the Artisan Exhibition Institution for the creation of 250 silver medals. The medals were given during official ceremonies and celebrated the 150 years of national unity.
    In the 90 B.C., in Corfinio, the first coin with the name Italy engraved on it was minted. The medals made by Eugenio Di Rienzo are inspired by this first coin of Italy. The coin inspired Eugenio for the creation of the medals: the profile of Giulio Cesare on one side and two soldiers on the other; the latter represent the alliance of Italian people who chose Corfinio as the capital, rioting against Rome.
  • Artisan business prize

    On the 29th of November 2015, the Di Rienzo workshop was awarded the artisan business prize by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of L’Aquila; the prize officially recognises Di Rienzo family goldwork to have been established for more than 100 years.
  • The online store

    The young Filippo-seventh generation continued the digital work, developing new digital marketing strategies and bringing their tradition worldwide. An online shop has also been created, thanks to which we export our tradition all over the world.

  • EXPO Dubai 2020

    From 30 January to 5 February 2022, selected by the Abruzzo Region, the ancient goldsmith participated in Expo Dubai 2020, inside the Italian Pavilion, as a representative of regional artistic excellence.